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Beaujolais – Beaujolais is a fruity, easy to drink red wine made in the Beaujolais region, just south of Burgundy inPortugal Wine 葡萄牙酒 southeastern France, from the Gamay grape. Generic Beaujolais is associated with a lot of tastes, ranging from black cherry (some would say black cherry jello) other fruits, and bubble gum. Unlike most red wines, Beaujolais contains few tannins and is often appreciated by those who don’t like red wine. In an extremely successful marketing ploy, the harvest’s first wine, Beaujolais Nouveau, is released on the third Thursday in November.Italy Wine 意大利酒Italy Wine 意大利酒Italy Wine 意大利酒 Portugal Wine 葡萄牙酒 Spain Wine 西班牙酒  producing

Beaujolais Cru – BeaujolaisItaly Wine 意大利酒

Italy Wine 意大利酒 Portugal Wine 葡萄牙酒 Spain Wine 西班牙酒  producingBordeaux (Red) – Bordeaux is a world-famous wine producing region in southwestern France. Bordeaux wines are almost always blends. The most important grape varieties in red Bordeaux wines are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Bordeaux produces well over half a billion bottles of wine a yearPortugal Wine 葡萄牙酒, mostly red. While most Bordeaux wines are far from spectacular, many of the greatest wines in the world come from this corner of what some would call a winemaker’s paradise.Italy Wine 意大利酒

Bourgueil – Bourgueil is a fruity, dry red wine made in Touraine in the Loire Valley of northwestern France. Flavors include cassis, rasberry, and violets.Portugal Wine 葡萄牙酒

specifically法國紅酒sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思法國紅酒sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思

A red wine with an intense, violet-ruby colour. The bouquet is fruity with strong plum, cherry, and mulberry notes. The aroma also has a vegetable edge of ripe red pepper, and the f法國紅酒lavour is complex, with jams, spinach, and chocolate.sauvignon blanc  Barrel aging lends this wine pleasant smoky and toast notes, bringing out its spices; texture is soft, with rounded tannins and medium body.
Wines are often described in terms of various characteristics of smell. Wine, or more 法國紅酒sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思法國紅酒sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思specifically the fruit of the wine, takes on the characteristics of the elements that surround it. Aromas can give us an indication of a wine’s country, region & vineyard of origin, grape varietal and the wine-making techniques and aging conditions that contributed to the vintage. Detecting the smell is often a difficult task for beginners. Barrel aging lends this wine pleasant smoky and toast notes, bringing out its spices; texture is soft, sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思with rounded tannins and medium body.Le Nez Du Vin is a wine education tool which helps develop the sense of smell and creates a common language to describe, understand and better enjoy wine. Le Nez du Vin is based on the bestselling book by Jean Lenoir. Learners can smell the aromas of Le Nez Du Vin法國紅酒sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思法國紅酒sauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思, memorise them, and then compare the aromas of Le Nez Du Vin with the aromas in the wine in order to identify them.

The workshop is conducted by French professionals from Le Nez Du Vinsauvignon blanc 蘇維濃相思. Wine lovers should never miss this golden (and complimentary!) 法國紅酒opportunity to know more about the aromas of wine.